Dip Head was a recurring skit on America's Funniest Home Videos. It was produced in 1981.

Plot Edit

The skit begins with a man (whose face isn't shown) as he dips peanut butter with a chip, saying that this dip is divine. He asks Marcia what dip is it, and he walks away. The head turns around to reveal a face, which is full of peanut butter and marshmallows, saying "Hi, I'm Dip Head. Tonight I'm peanut butter and marshmallow sour cream. But i come with three exciting flavors: chocolate clam, creamy garlic, and Hungarian surprise". He explains that he goes extremely well at wedding showers, chamber mixers, bar mitzvahs, and stag parties. He also explains that he carry many conversations with them, as they eat me. The skit ends with Dip Head saying "Look for me, Dip Head, in the frozen novelty section of your nearest discount barn", and turns his head back. A man and a woman continue dipping their chips.