Pasadena Jones and the Satire of Doom is a skit aired on the tenth episode of Season 1. It is a parody of the film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.


The skit begins with Pasadena Jones capturing. He has a rope tied around his foot. His enemies steal a red box. The man with a yellow shirt and black tie with the box in his possession, orders his henchman to finish off Pasadena. His henchman gave the motorcyclist the signal. The motorcyclist, who has a rope attached from his motorbike to Pasadena, then kick starts his motor.

Unfortunately, as soon as he revs it up, the motion of the wheel causes the dirt to fly into the henchman's face, distracting him, allowing Pasadena to take advantage of the distraction by tackling the henchman. As soon as the villain makes his getaway by jumping onto the back of the pickup truck, the henchman and Pasadena get up and the henchman tries to shoot Pasadena, only to get dragged as Pasadena had removed the rope from his foot and attached it to the henchman's foot.

As soon the henchman gets dragged away, Pasadena runs to the truck and jumps onto the back of the truck and fights for possession of the red box. In the ensuing struggle, Pasadena knocked the box out of the villain's hand and into the air; he throws him off the truck to the ground, then catches the box and puts it back in his bag. Suddenly the truck driver slams on the brakes, causing Pasadena to lose his balance and run into the tailgate net and inadvertently ripping it off the truck. Pasadena falls off, rolling in the dirt and getting the net wrapped around his legs. The driver then makes a U-turn and prepares to run over Pasadena. As Pasadena struggles to get the net off, he sees the motorcyclist coming out of nowhere from another direction, he rolls away just in time, and the motorcycle was missing.

Then Pasadena takes out his whip and snatches the motorcycle's taillight, pulling himself away from the road just in time before the truck could hit him. Then he released the motorcycle's taillight, gets himself up and frees his legs and runs for home. As he approaches home he used his whip on the tree branch and swings towards the window of his house. He breaks through and lands on the sofa. He pulls the box out of his bag and opens it, revealing the object inside to be a TV remote. He turns the TV on. An "America's Funniest Home Videos" title card is shown. The skit ends with Pasadena smiling, and saying "I love this show."